Discover your next horizon

Supporting business leaders with career transition

Renascent has been established to develop unique, tailor-made programmes designed to help senior business leaders with major career transitions. These transitions can range from what is commonly referred to as ‘retirement’ to the unplanned disruption of a long-term corporate career.

Leaving a full-time senior corporate role can represent the greatest bundle of challenges and opportunities in a lifetime. These include the challenges of dealing with the sudden loss of influence, support systems, and a long-established sense of purpose, all of which are generally underestimated.

Senior executives are also transitioning from corporate life earlier than ever before, and living longer, meaning that, unlike previous generations, they have decades of active life ahead of them, which requires careful planning.

These are senior business figures who have the means and experience to provide an unprecedented array of choice and opportunity. However, having been so absorbed in their roles, they also tend to have given insufficient thought to the choices they are now facing, even though they are as important as any they will ever face.

What sets Renascent apart?

There are three ways in which Renascent sets itself apart in providing effective support to business leaders at this stage of their lives.

The first is that the Renascent programme is Tailor Made to suit the individual.

It all starts with a series of one-to-one sessions with a mentor, who is an ex CEO and the constant point of contact throughout the programme. In these sessions we get to know the individual, and the programme is constructed. Each element of the programme is best in class and offers its own carefully considered benefits. In total it offers a uniquely holistic experience. However, certain elements may be unnecessary for some clients and can be excluded from the finally agreed programme.

Our second differentiator is that we operate exclusively with Experts.

We call our experts the Renascent Network. It is made up of a group of hand-picked, highly experienced individuals with exceptional skills in their particular specialism.

The third is that our approach is Holistic.

This means that we address the complete needs of the individual. This covers ‘body, mind and soul’ and, importantly, the need for all three to work in harmony. We deal with everything from subconscious drivers, through practical requirements, to optimising personal health.

The combination of these three differentiators means that we can offer the focus and expertise required to deal with the specific challenges and opportunities faced by business leaders in transition. However, this is not an academic exercise. We are committed to results, to making the Renascent programme transformational; one of those “best things I ever did” experiences, as it significantly improves the quality of the transition and reduces its timeframe.

We are also committed to the long-term success of our clients, and we positively encourage them to stay connected and draw on our support when they need it.

Our aim is that our clients complete their Renascent programme with three clear outcomes:

We are in business to transform the outcome of this pivotal period of transition in our clients' lives. The only thing that matters to us is that they discover their next horizon; the one that’s tailor made for them.