The Renascent Programme


The Renascent programme divides broadly into the following six areas, although it is entirely possible that we will identify a need that requires us to move beyond this. Importantly, there is no set order as to how the programme is run. This is decided with your mentor during the initial construction of the programme.

1. Personal Awareness

We will help you to understand the process you are going through and allow you to make sense of the complex thoughts and feelings that can range from wild euphoria to severe stress and depression. This process will improve your self-awareness and decision-making. It will also help to release unchallenged creative instincts, which can fundamentally alter the way forward.

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There are three components to Personal Awareness which, when combined, can give you a unique and extraordinary insight into who you are now. The first is something we call Motivational DNA. This identifies your true, underlying motivators, which may have been suppressed for decades.

The second is Humanistic Psychotherapy, which is not as daunting as it sounds as it is specifically designed for Renascent clients. The focus here is on exploring your capacity for change and creativity, which are essential in any successful transition from a life of tightly defined objectives and highly focussed thinking.

The third component is Mindfulness, which is a fashionable topic of conversation in our stress filled lives. However, it happens to perfectly match the needs of people facing transition, by increasing awareness, on purpose and without judgement, of what goes on in the present moment in the body, mind, and the world around you. With Mindfulness we offer a life skill; a suite of personal awareness and attentional practices that you can continue to explore and develop long after you have completed your Renascent programme.

We are also aware that this period of transition can be particularly stressful for life partners, and we therefore can offer a partner support programme at this Personal Awareness stage of the programme.

2. Goal Setting

Pursuing the first opportunity that is offered is a common mistake made at this point of transition and an essential part of Renascent is making sure that your next step is the right one.

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You have spent so many years setting goals for complex organisations that it is a major adjustment to set goals for yourself in isolation. From the confines of corporate life you inevitably think about what else you could do or would really like to do. This means that at this point of transition you may not be short of ideas or options, but that can be half the problem.

Working with a highly experienced personal coach you will be able to filter your ideas and options, to evaluate what really makes sense for you and to then select goals that match your enhanced self-awareness. This may lead you to recognise that you still have a role to play in corporate life, either executive or non-executive. If so, you can take this well-formed goal to our experts in What Next?, in section six.

However, it is just as likely that you will want to turn your hand to something completely different. This could range from re-engaging in education, through voluntary or charitable work, to taking up a hobby that has been tapping you on the shoulder for years. Whatever it is that you settle on as your new goal or goals, your coach will help you plan an achievable way forward, which will profoundly improve the quality and success of whatever comes next.

3. Financial Review

After years of corporate comfort it is easy to assume that your financial position is settled. However, frequent changes in legislation mean that an independent financial review is highly advisable at this turning point in your life, even if it only represents a second opinion. This will give you a clear steer on what is possible from existing investments and how best to handle any future income streams.

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We have an expert financial advisory team that specialise in the following:

  • Wealth management
  • Investment capacity
  • Pension optimisation
  • Inheritance tax planning

4. Health Check

Many senior executives pay insufficient attention to their health while working, and this change presents you with an ideal opportunity to address this fundamentally important issue. Our health and fitness team can work with you to create a personalised health plan that will ensure you achieve a range of dietary, physical and fitness goals. Elements of this plan, such as dietary follow-up calls and personal training can extend way beyond the initial scope of your Renascent plan.

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A Bupa or equivalent medical screening, that includes an ECG, needs to have been completed within the last year and made available to our health and wellness team prior to the first appointment.

There are two distinctly different components to the Health Check.

The first is Nutrition. Our exceptionally thorough approach enables us to identify and address factors that may be compromising your health; often elements that may have been overlooked in your health journey so far. We use clinical experience, an in-depth understanding of your history and, if appropriate, results of relevant laboratory tests, to formulate your own Personalised Nutrition Programme; one that is unique to you – based on your physical goals, genetic make-up, diet, environment and lifestyle.

Tests that are commonly recommended assess cardiovascular and digestive health, nutrient status, liver function, hormonal and fatty acid profiles and nutrigenomic testing. This allows you to understand how your unique genetic predisposition may influence your health – often the missing link in any health programme.

The second component is Personal Training. We will create a bespoke personal training programme that is guaranteed to improve your overall health and fitness, and your ability to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

We specialise in High Intensity Interval Training, a method of training that manipulates the body into shape through shredding unwanted fat (both during and post workout), improving muscular endurance and aerobic capacity. When combined with full body function and strength training this approach gets the body back into shape in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

5. Circuit Breaker

The two essential components of any effective transition are breaking free from your previous life and feeling fully prepared for the future. Breaking free from the past can be difficult, but it’s a process that is assisted by a brief period of extreme change and disorientation. The Renascent Circuit Breaker is a once in a lifetime experience that will allow you to uncover things about yourself you never knew and rediscover passions that have been suppressed for decades. This can be profoundly helpful in leaving the past where it belongs and facing the future with greater confidence.

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You will spend up to five days in the wilds of the Brecon Beacons with an ex SAS officer, and little else. This will be an unforgettable experience that teaches you about survival and in the process reminds you of what really matters in life.

This can be carried out at any stage in the programme and, for example, it can be a rejuvenating way to get the programme started. Importantly, we are experts at reading people and adapting the programme in real time to match your requirements and limitations, which makes the Circuit Breaker fully accessible to men and women of any age or fitness level.

6. What Next?

Using all the information gained from your Renascent Programme we will work together to define and plan your next horizon.

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For some, we will work with you to find a role back in corporate life that, as far as possible, matches your new found sense of self.

We have decades of experience at board level, in the UK, Continental Europe and the US, in finding the right match. This includes full and part time executive roles as well as non executive roles.

For others, we will help plan an entirely new future. This could lead to anything - from developing a particular interest or hobby to working in the voluntary sector.

The most important aspect of What Next? is to plan the future with sufficient clarity to ensure it is fulfilled. We will take as much time as necessary in this process, and we will continue to stay close to support and encourage whatever you choose as your next horizon.